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Brink, Mirror’s Edge(2), and Other Urban Futures!

First off, a personal note – It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything.  It’s been a long time since I’ve gamed, or felt the  touch of keys under my fingers as I type away in the wee hours of the morning; it’s been a long time since I’ve had some fun, and in Read more

Going to Angular JS from jQuery? Read this.

The following is something I found on stackoverflow talking about the habits to think about/break if you want to give angular JS a try but are coming from a jQuery background.

Michael Bay Walks Off Stage at Samsungs CES Keynote [Updated Video]

The Consumer Electronic Show is like an E3 for all electronic manufacturers. Big crowds and massive sets where sweaty businessmen try to sell you some new technology. Today, Samsung invited Michael Bay to talk about their new curved Televisions. Very excited by this Michael lost his cue on the teleprompter causing some confusion. Here is Read more

Highlights From VGX 2013

       This years Video Game Awards have changed, the now VGX is an online video stream with GameTrailers’ Geoff Keighley and Joel McKale as host. Their approach was a bumpy one, jokes were bad, timing was off and each winner was followed by an awkward silence due to the lack of audience. Joel McKale Read more

Is GTA:Online gaining heist missions?

Yesterday Rockstar:North was quoted claiming “huge volume of plans and ideas” in the coming months. Today the user funmw2 claims to have found a description of a heist in the UGC[user-generated-content] area of the code… “Get a team together and break into the vault of Vinewood’s Maze”,” Bank and steal the gold held there. You’ll need a Read more

Gamespot Decides One Review isn’t Enough, Gives Bioshock Infinite 4/10.

It’s unclear what made the Gamespot residents decide that another review for the acclaimed shooter was necessary.

FarCry 4 Development Leaked by “Drive” Composer

An interview with Cliff Martinez composer of Ryan Gosling’s near silent drama Drive gives away the development of the next FarCry.

SOMA, Frictional Games’ Next Horror Experience

From the people who brought us Amnesia: The Dark Decent comes SOMA, a Sci-Fi Horror game that will surely destroy your dreams.

See some history on Bioshock Infinites’ new DLC Trailer

Bioshock Infinites DLC brings us back to Rapture, giving us a look at the city in its functioning form. the next Fact from Myth video shows the outside worlds perspective on Infinites new DLC Burial at Sea.    

Tomorrow’s South Park is about Minecraft!

    Yes, in tomorrow’s new episode the adults of South Park will seek knowledge of Minecraft from Cory. Watch the short clip here

These are the Faces of Facebook

A interactive mosaic of the worlds facebook profile pictures.

Today in News: Valves Controller, Last of Us DLC and China lifts Console Ban

    It has been a pretty big week for games, namely Valve with their 3 big announcements and the release of GTA last week. Since then people have been uncovering the Cheats, Secrets and Online details which unlocks on October 1st. seeing as I was working during Valves announcement I’ve decided to bundle some Read more

Steam Machine (Plans), the second announcement

Today Valve revealed their official plans for the Steam Machine. While still being vague about which partners are building these machines, Valve will release 300 free prototypes “optimized for gaming” to users. How do you get into the Beta you ask? Well in traditional Steam style you’ll compete by completing quests. These quests are rather Read more

git - the simple guide
Git Basics

Was looking to learn a bit more about git at work, this guide has helped!

SteamOS, The first announcement

Last week steam revealed their plans to make three announcements “next week”. With this picture Steam teases its week of reveals that begins with Steam OS. Valve explains that this Linux based operating system will bring better performance and graphics processing. In SteamOS, we have achieved significant performance increases in graphics processing, and we’re now Read more

PHP Multidimensional Associative Array from SQL Results

Out of Pax: The Infamous Second Son Panel

Here’s the InFamous: Second Son panel with host Greg Miller and voice actor Troy Baker (Bioshock infinite, Last of us). It starts at 10:00!

Out of Pax: Godus

The Legendarny Peter Molydeux talks about his new game Godus. The kickstarted game makes a public debut at PAX Prime 2013

Out of PAX: Dying Light

The PAX Prime 2013 interview between DeepSilver and TotalBiscuit about Dying Light.

FFXIV Ul’dah and Dungeon Screenshots (maybe a little Gridania)

2560 x 1080 21:9, maximum settings and no HUD FFXIV Ul’dah and Dungeon Screenshots

FFXIV Weather Descriptions

Handy little reference image.

Skywind: Morrowind with Skyrim guts
Pokemon Red – Anime Trailer

Seems theres a new anime series (or movie) based on pokemon red coming out. From the looks of it, its only the original pokemon, which is fucking amazing.

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